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💖A Little Pocket Bear Hug🧸

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Our Little Hug Gifts offer a touching gesture of affection, featuring a wooden bear hug token attached to a pink greeting card. Engraved with the words "bear hug" on the heart section, this token serves as a comforting keepsake that can be carried in a pocket.

🌸 Thoughtful Tokens
Perfect for expressing feelings across distances, these hug gifts are ideal for missing you moments in long distance relationships. Whether it's for a partner, friend, or family member, this wooden token holds the power to evoke smiles and warm memories.

🌸 Versatile Comfort
 Beyond distance, these tokens provide solace during tough times, making them great well done gifts or reminders of support. Slip it into a pocket before heading to school, work, or any venture, and feel the embrace of your loved one whenever needed.

🌸 Meaningful Gestures
Offering sentiments of care, these wooden heart tokens also make ideal get well soon gifts or heartfelt additions to special occasions. Handcrafted from Oak wood, each token is thoughtfully attached to a heart card, creating a letterbox-sized gift that holds everlasting value.

🌸 Gifts from the Heart
Share these tokens with those you hold dear – be it a son, daughter, parent, partner, or friend. For adults, it offers reassurance during moments of anxiety, while for children, it serves as a reminder of unwavering love and support.

🌸 Crafted with Love
Our items are meticulously made with love and dedication, designed to adorn homes and spread warmth. Each piece is crafted to perfection, ensuring it's ready for gifting.


  • Card:9*13cm
  • Bear:4.1*4.1cm

Material: Wood, paper card